Ronda is a classic, round bottle with flat shoulders and a quality, thick glass base.

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Product Specification

Item Ref Capacity (ml) Material Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Neck
13432CR 30 Glass 59.2 39 15mm Crimp
13432SC 30 Glass 69 39 E5 Screw
13337CR 50 Glass 87.5 39 15mm Crimp
13337SC 50 Glass 97.3 39 E5 Screw
13430CR 100 Glass 123 44.6 15mm Crimp
15011SC 100 Glass 132.8 44.6 E5 Screw

Available in 3 sizes in both crimp (for fragrance) and screw neck (for skincare) options.

We offer an in-line PP screw cap with this product (Ronda cap) to create a flush finish if required.