Glass Vs Plastic: The Great Debate for Fragrances, Cosmetics and Toiletries

24 Jan 2020

At Roma International we provide glass and plastic bottles for primary packaging to suit every kind of fragrance, toiletry and cosmetic product.

So, with consumer habits changing, logistical constraints ever-present and new product development key to success; is glass or plastic the best choice for your next product?

First, glass

Glass bottles are aesthetically pleasing and give your products a high-end look and feel. Typically offering a higher weight and thicker base, there is usually a sense of quality with glass, which can be a challenge to achieve with many plastic materials.

Glass can be clear, frosted, spray coloured to a gloss or matt finish and have other coating and print effects applied very effectively, in many ways making it as versatile as plastic alternatives for many brands.

We supply glass bottles and jars to boutique and high-street brands alike, for use with products including fragrance, lotions, oils, serums and cosmetic creams.

What about plastic?

Plastic packaging is often preferred for everyday products because it’s light-weight compared to most glass, flexible and unlikely to break if dropped or impacted. It’s easy for consumers to handle, particularly for everyday toiletries and cosmetics. Plastic (typically) costs less than glass to manufacture and can provide more design freedom.

Plastic, particularly the more rigid PET and PETg jars, is also popular with some premium brands. It’s clarity as a clear material and many decoration options available such as material colour matching if preferred, foil text / band application and high-quality multi-pass printing can play a significant part in any brand message.

We supply plastic bottles and jars for a huge variance of products including facial cleanser, body lotion, shampoo and shower gel.

What about consumers and the environment?

With a very high level of post-consumer recycling that has traditionally taken place in the glass sector, glass does generally strike a positive message when it comes to consumer opinion.

More recently, the post-consumer recycled (PCR) element now available with many plastics also starts to bring a more positive consumer message when it comes to plastic use and the opportunities for consumers to contribute to the recycling process is now easier than ever before.

At Roma we are working hard to offer as many types of product as possible with a PCR element.

So, which is best for your product?

Since 1965 we’ve supplied millions of glass and plastic bottles, jars and other containers to high street and boutique brands alike. Whilst the decision between glass or plastic has many factors to consider, glass is typically chosen for fragrances and products which want to communicate a quality or luxury feel. Plastic is usually more suited to lower cost and more consumable toiletries or cosmetics although there also premium options to be had.

Whatever your choice of material, we hope we can help you decide on the best packaging for your next project. For complete support and access to our range of standard and made to measure solutions, visit us at or call us on 01473 823279 for a chat.