Bespoke Products

At Berlin Packaging UK we can design and manufacture the bespoke glass or plastic container you need to perfectly package and present your product.

Bespoke Development

New and exciting products need new and exciting packaging.

Whatever your requirements, we can turn your vision into reality with our bespoke design and manufacturing services.

Whether in plastic or glass, we can custom design and mould bottles, jars and closures to give your product – or family of products – the look, feel and value you need.


Our new product development team have extensive experience designing bespoke bottles, jars and closures for new, existing and rejuvenated products.

We extrusion blow mould our plastic bottles in-house at our U.K. headquarters. Our plastic jars and numerous selection of plastic closures are manufactured for us by our extensive network of suppliers


Our new product development team can assist with the design of simple or complex glass bottles and jars to give life to your product.

Our exclusive glass manufacturing partners allow us to offer maximum flexibility in volumes and capacities, whilst maintaining the quality and value you expect

Brand Projects

We have enjoyed creating beautiful packaging for our clients over the years.

Read about some of the exciting projects we have been involved in.

Product Development 

When the ordinary is not extraordinary enough.

With decades of experience we are perfectly placed to design and create your ultimate bespoke container with our full service approach, including consultation and prototyping, Roma will seek to satisfy even the most unusual of briefs.

Product Development

When the ordinary is not extraordinary enough.

Roma’s are experts at custom-making unique tooling equipment for creating the ultimate bespoke container. With a full-service approach, from consultations to producing prototypes, Roma’s personal approach will satisfy even the most unusual of briefs.

Great Products Start with Great Packaging