Boots No.7

Boots No.7

Boots is one of the largest retailers in the UK with the biggest chain of pharmacies on our high streets.

We have a long-standing relationship with Boots and are proud to be counted as one of their preferred suppliers of primary packaging.

Our packaging solutions are used on various Boots products including their flagship own brand No7 for skin care and colour cosmetics so we were very pleased to be chosen to produce a pack for two of its latest additions to its nourishing skin care products; Water Concentrate and Youthful Replenishing Oil.

Our brief was for a simple, stylish cylindrical bottle with decoration that would ensure the product would sit in the customers existing range whilst allowing the consumer the ability to apply the product in the recommended manor.

In the case of Water Concentrate, a vibrant blue, graduated spray was sampled and selected with a two pass print and a classic Black print onto a clear bottle was chosen for the Youthful Replenishing Oil.

Perfect dispensing is achieved with a pipette also specified, sourced and supplied by Roma International.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer have been a welcome and active user of Roma International’s range of standard fragrance bottles and skincare packaging for many years, however our relationship with the brand started with nail polish bottles as early as the late 1960’s.  Since this time, although our expanding standard library of glass and plastic packaging has continued to be used for many M&S products, we are also well known to the brand for our capabilities in offering a bespoke design and tooling service, for which this project offered the perfect solution.

Glass has long been the preferred choice for fragrance packaging due to it giving the product a luxurious and high-quality feel. The brief for Autograph Infinite was a 2-dimensional concept board and we were asked to convey our interpretation of the shape they required for this unique glass fragrance bottle by means of a 3-dimensional model backed up with a realistic cost breakdown and the technical and commercial support required from today’s suppliers.

As a consumer’s first impression of the fragrance would come from the product’s packaging, it was important to consider all factors such as the shape, feel, weight, colour and branding required to the container and closure. Following our design and cost submission, along with proposal drawings, we were chosen to supply both the bespoke glass bottle and unique closure that reflected the style and vibrancy of the perfume.

The sales and development team conducted a series of consultations with M&S and their chosen filling company, to discuss all aspects and ensure that the vision they had for the packaging met the specifications and time-scales to launch required.

A foil design for the product name, to be applied to the graduated spray coating was proposed. We were able to match the specifications required and provide suitable samples and range boards to ensure customer expectations with regards to maintaining a consistent standard during production would be met.

For the finishing touch, working cap specifications were also discussed to a very detailed level including final weight, and inner and outer dimensions, to ensure a consistent fit whilst in the manufacturing environment and guarantee perfect presentation to the customer upon opening.

We would like to thank the brand and filling company for their positive approach and input into the project ensuring we were able to bring this unique and vibrant fragrance package to the market for them.

Perfume Proves Fastest Growing Gift For Valentine’s Day 2020

Perfume Proves Fastest Growing Gift For Valentine’s Day 2020

According to reports, perfume was the fastest growing expression of love this Valentine’s Day, with sales rising faster than flowers, the romantic’s fail-safe gift.

So, why is perfume proving so popular?  As suppliers to leading brands in the perfume industry, we thought we’d look at what makes fragrance the perfect gift.

As writer Jeffrey Stepakoff once said: perfume is a cocktail of memories and emotion. Quite simply, fragrance speaks to us on a subliminal level with a great deal science behind how it influences its wearers.

Research has shown that perfume can stimulate the mind and stabilise and modify our emotional state. Scientists suggest there are four factors which compel us to buy a certain fragrance:

  1. Men are from Mars

…and women are from Venus, at least where noticing perfume is concerned! Women are instantly drawn to the aroma of the scent, whereas men are more drawn to its brand and image.

  1. An emotional experience

Perfumes have time travelling properties, evoking either pleasant memories or suggesting a new improved version of the wearer.

  1. The perfect recipe

Love for a particular perfume is triggered by the ingredients. Scientists are still trying to understand whether we fall for the olfactory (smell) mix of ingredients, or for a single component that somehow finds its way to our heart and brain.

  1. First impressions count

And the final factor influencing our passion for a perfume is its image. The whole package is important: from advertising and celebrity endorsement to the shape of the bottle, its creative design and the closure used.

With decades of experience in the industry, we know how important it is to create a beautiful bottle that makes a lasting first impression!

Glass containers are the perfumer’s choice. Offering a unique set of qualities that materials like plastic can’t achieve, glass preserves the fragrance in its best condition and prevents evaporation for much longer.

Glass can be fashioned into interesting and creative shapes to contribute to the aesthetics of the overall product. It lends itself perfectly to printing and other surface finish techniques such as etching, base spraying or colour tinting. Glass not only looks beautiful but can help protect the perfume from exposure to light which can affect its life.

Then there’s the closure. Usually in the form of an overcap and used in conjunction with a fragrance pump, they offer an excellent opportunity to make any fragrance even more individual. Standard or bespoke, coloured, gold or silver metallised; all will add to the mystique of the product promised within.

So next time you’re buying perfume, make sure you check the ‘notes’ and choose a fragrance that will make the wearer feel fully dressed and confident and, of course, don’t forget how important the packaging is!

To discuss the perfect bottle for your fragrance, get in touch at or call us on 01473 823279 for a chat.


Roma’s Comet Bottle Range Perfect for Hand Sanitiser

Roma’s Comet Bottle Range Perfect for Hand Sanitiser

With increasing concern about the spread of viral infections antibacterial hand sanitisers are in rising demand.

Many pharmacies and high-street retailers have reported shortages of hand gels and sanitisers and demand is expected to rise further still.

The UK government advised the public to cleanse their hands after using public transport and on a regular basis throughout the day.  Hand sanitiser is recommended where soap and water are unavailable.

As suppliers to leading brands throughout the skincare, perfume and cosmetics industries, Roma has the perfect solution for packaging antibacterial hand sanitiser.

Included within their range of plastic oval bottles is the Comet – an oval bottle that features 50ml and 100ml capacities making the range ideal for the job, slipping easily into a pocket, handbag or briefcase. Made of PETG plastic, the Comet is light and highly impact-resistant, making it durable, safe and portable, and is therefore a good option as a container for hand sanitiser.

The bottle surface can be screen-printed if required but is also ideal for the application of an adhesive label. Roma also offers a selection of suitable caps, if required.

Based in Suffolk, Roma International manufacture glass and plastic bottles for companies including Boots, M&S, Elemis and Espa. As well as providing over 500 standard products, they can design and manufacture entirely unique solutions for individual brands and products.

Don’t leave it too late to prepare for the increased demand in hand sanitation. Find out more about the Comet range and other plastic bottles at and get in touch to discuss how we can help you.


Glass Vs Plastic: The Great Debate for Fragrances, Cosmetics and Toiletries

Glass Vs Plastic: The Great Debate for Fragrances, Cosmetics and Toiletries

At Roma International we provide glass and plastic bottles for primary packaging to suit every kind of fragrance, toiletry and cosmetic product.

So, with consumer habits changing, logistical constraints ever-present and new product development key to success; is glass or plastic the best choice for your next product?

First, glass

Glass bottles are aesthetically pleasing and give your products a high-end look and feel. Typically offering a higher weight and thicker base, there is usually a sense of quality with glass, which can be a challenge to achieve with many plastic materials.

Glass can be clear, frosted, spray coloured to a gloss or matt finish and have other coating and print effects applied very effectively, in many ways making it as versatile as plastic alternatives for many brands.

We supply glass bottles and jars to boutique and high-street brands alike, for use with products including fragrance, lotions, oils, serums and cosmetic creams.

What about plastic?

Plastic packaging is often preferred for everyday products because it’s light-weight compared to most glass, flexible and unlikely to break if dropped or impacted. It’s easy for consumers to handle, particularly for everyday toiletries and cosmetics. Plastic (typically) costs less than glass to manufacture and can provide more design freedom.

Plastic, particularly the more rigid PET and PETg jars, is also popular with some premium brands. It’s clarity as a clear material and many decoration options available such as material colour matching if preferred, foil text / band application and high-quality multi-pass printing can play a significant part in any brand message.

We supply plastic bottles and jars for a huge variance of products including facial cleanser, body lotion, shampoo and shower gel.

What about consumers and the environment?

With a very high level of post-consumer recycling that has traditionally taken place in the glass sector, glass does generally strike a positive message when it comes to consumer opinion.

More recently, the post-consumer recycled (PCR) element now available with many plastics also starts to bring a more positive consumer message when it comes to plastic use and the opportunities for consumers to contribute to the recycling process is now easier than ever before.

At Roma we are working hard to offer as many types of product as possible with a PCR element.

So, which is best for your product?

Since 1965 we’ve supplied millions of glass and plastic bottles, jars and other containers to high street and boutique brands alike. Whilst the decision between glass or plastic has many factors to consider, glass is typically chosen for fragrances and products which want to communicate a quality or luxury feel. Plastic is usually more suited to lower cost and more consumable toiletries or cosmetics although there also premium options to be had.

Whatever your choice of material, we hope we can help you decide on the best packaging for your next project. For complete support and access to our range of standard and made to measure solutions, visit us at or call us on 01473 823279 for a chat.