PP Jar Caps

PP flat top jars caps available in a variety of neck sizes. Available in black, white and natural as standard.

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Product Specification

Item Ref Size (mm) Material Boreseal/ Wadded Height (mm) Diameter (mm)
MI33/410 R3/33 PP Wadded 11.8 35
MI38/410 R3/38 PP Wadded 11.8 40.4
MI48/410 R3/48 PP Wadded 11.8 5.2
MI51/410 R3/51 PP Wadded 11.8 52.3
MI53/410 R3/53 PP Wadded 11.8 55.8
MI58/410 R3/58 PP Wadded 12 59.4
MI60/410 R3/60 PP Wadded 12.7 62.3
MI66/410 R3/66 PP Wadded 11.8 68.9
MI70/410 R3/70 PP Wadded 12 71.5
MI89/410 R3/89 PP Wadded 15.5 93.2