Aluminium Fragrance Overcaps

Overcap available in 5 different sizes. The smaller sizes in this range are suitable for all of our crimp neck bottles finished with a 15mm neck. The larger sizes are also ideally suited to our slender range to give the bottles an inline finish.

The ALU0C works with an aluminium collar which we can also supply.

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Product Specification

Item Ref Size (mm) Material Height (mm) Diameter (mm)
ALU0 FEA 15 Aluminium + PP 31.5 20.3
ALU0C FEA15 Aluminium + PP 35.2 20.2
ALU1 FEA 15 Aluminium + PP 26.7 26.1
ALU2 FEA 15 Aluminium + PP 29.7 29.4
ALU3 FEA 15 Aluminium + PP 34.6 36