Aluminium Sheathed Inline Caps

Aluminium sheathed inline caps available for the 100ml and 150ml PS Round bottles. Along with all 3 screw neck Ronda bottles in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

These caps are available as standard in both shiny and matt finishes.

For all sizes of the Ronda bottles both crimp and screw neck we also have a PP version to suit. Available in black, white and natural as standard, along with the option to colour match if desired.



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Product Specification

Item Ref Neck Size Material Height (mm) Diameter (mm)
AS30/50R E5 Aluminium + PP 28 38.6
AS3066 24/410 Aluminium + PP 32 40
AS100R E5 Aluminium + PP 31 44.6
AS3063 24/410 Aluminium + PP 39 44