PS Round range expands

We are pleased to offer 2 new additions to our popular PS round range, which already includes 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 150ml sizes.

The new 15ml and 20ml bottles offer excellent shelf presence and are competitively priced. Ideal for trial sizes and gift sets, they also perfectly lend themselves to skin care or foundation ranges. With a range of closures, such as cosmetic droppers, serum pumps and mist sprays, these really will enhance an already much loved and versatile range.

We can also offer a number of decoration options on these bottles including printing, frosting and spraying.

For more information or samples please contact or call +44(0)1473 823279.

Classic Round – New additions

Our classic round range has grown with the addition of a 15ml, 30ml, 100ml and 125ml jars.  These classically shaped round jars now further enhance our high quality and competitively priced collection.  Which already includes the hugely popular 50ml and 200ml sizes.

To set your brand apart our glass decoration service offers spraying, etching and printing to customise your product.

These jars are available with a wide range of caps to complete the pack.  They come in variety of materials including PP, UREA and aluminium.  The option to have the caps decorated is also available from our UK based metallising and spraying plant.

For more information or samples please contact or call +44(0)1473 823279.

Bi-Mould PP jars

Our new range of bi-mould PP jars allows the choice of alternative finish and colour for the inner and outer parts of the jar if required.  Offering the ability for you to customise the colour to your design.  With the further option of screen printing or hot stamping your company logo.

These jars available in sizes from 5ml to 300ml.  They offer the option of two styles of cap with a straight or rounded edge depending on your requirements.  The majority of sizes also offer the chance to include a PP shive/disc to complete the pack.

This new range compliments our current range of PET and PETG jars which we can offer in a variety of styles and finishes will full decoration options available.

For more information or samples please contact or call +44(0)1473 823279.

Keep your style inline with our stylish aluminium caps.

Keep your style inline with our stylish aluminium caps.

For a sleek and modern finish look no further than our new inline caps.  Designed to accompany our screw neck PS Round and Ronda glass bottle ranges.  The caps have been designed to give a flush look to your pack.  These aesthetically pleasing aluminium closures are available in many colours and finishes, allowing you to achieve the perfect combination.

We have inline caps available for the 100ml and 150ml PS Round bottles as well as all 3 screw neck Ronda bottle 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.  For all sizes of the Ronda bottles both crimp and screw neck we also have a PP version to suit. Available in black, white and natural as standard, along with the option to colour match if desired.

All of our glass bottles can also decorated to further increase the individuality of your brand. Our decoration options include screen printing, spraying and acid etching for more detail see here.

For more information or samples please contact or call +44(0)1473 823279.

The pitter patter of tiny feet….

Roma International Plc is pleased to announce 3 new arrivals!

The 3 new 15ml bottles join the Slender, Atlas and Ghana families and are perfect for handbag, purse and those on the go.  As well as being the ideal travel size. They make a great inclusion for any gift set.

As with all our glass ranges, we can offer a range of decoration options. This includes screen printing  and spraying to meet your brand requirements.

To complete the overall pack, a selection of pumps and caps offers a one stop solution.  All 3 bottles have standard FEA15 necks with overcaps in a variety of materials including Polyprop, aluminium and surlyn.

For more information or samples please contact or call +44(0)1473 823279.

Luxury at your fingertips.

With a continued growth in premium packaging and the need to set your product apart from the crowd, we’re able to offer a range of highly customisable teat and button droppers. In neck sizes from 13mm to 24mm, these are standardly produced in gold or silver but can be colour matched to meet your requirements.

On the button droppers we can decorate the button, collar or both.

With our range of skincare bottles to compliment these we are sure to have the pack for you.

For more information or samples please contact or call +44(0)1473 823279.

We’ve solved the puzzle…..we’ve put the toy in toiletry!

Aimed at the growing children’s market, these jigsaw bottles offer a fun bath-time. With the tooling now added to Roma’s extensive standards range and a variety of colours available, this will allow you to complete the puzzle and make bath-time fun.

With a range of pumps and caps available to complete the pack.  We also offer a full colour matching service to achieve an even more personalised look.

For more information or samples please contact or call +44(0)1473 823279.

Bowie Range

NEW Bowie range offers a new, attractive look on the retail shelf

As a tribute to the icon, the new androgynous range BOWIE is the answer to the current niche fragrance trend.
The full round-shaped shoulders dress up the slender and elliptic body of the bottle, while the thick glass base will give an airy and unique look to your fragrance.

Also available to compliment these we have crimp neck spray pumps and a range of overcaps.

For more information or samples please contact or call +44(0)1473 823279.

One Press Jars

Luxury at your fingertips.

Our range of one press jars, available in 15ml, 30ml and 50ml will benefit all consumers.
Offering full access to the smooth sided internal walls, the advantage of a one press rim free jar means product has nowhere to hide, therefore creating less wastage and a content customer.
Compliment this range with a selection of decorative processes including etching and foiling. For a finished look, see our extensive range of jar closures.

For more information or samples please contact or call +44(0)1473 823279.

Roma International PLC Receive ISO 9001 Certification

Roma International PLC are pleased to announce that following an assessment by an independent organisation, they have been successful in achieving ISO 9001 certification. This internationally recognised prestigious award for quality management is an international standard in use worldwide as a benchmark for quality.

The ISO 9001 award recognises Roma International PLC commitment to exceptional quality of service. With only around 8% of UK businesses holding this certificate, Roma are now at the forefront of quality service and customer care.

Lorraine Burke, Roma International’s Quality Manager commented, “Quality of service has always been extremely important to us. We are now working towards gaining ISO 14001 and hope to gain accreditation in the coming year.  We are delighted that our Quality Management Systems and service has stood up to internationally recognised standard and we will continue to develop this area of Roma International to the benefit of our customers”